What is your response time to service calls?

Standard service calls are most frequently responded to within 24 – 48 hours. Following an evaluation of the service need, specific repairs are then scheduled. Emergency needs are responded to as soon as possible.

Can I change the space?

YES! Among the services we offer our tenants included is complete space planning and renovations. 

What type of properties do you manage?

We manage Office Buildings, Retail Space, Residential Apartments Buildings and Industrial.

Can I sub-let my space?

Yes, with written approval from the Landlord.

What services does your firm offer? 

We provide full management services for commercial and residential properties to include but not limited accounting, reports, oversee contracts, maintenance and service calls, rentals, capital improvements, etc.

What is your screening process?

Prospective tenants complete our application and provide us with a recent credit score sheet. The references provided and last landlord will be followed up with by phone and/or email. Decisions to accept new tenants are based on credit score, references, and past landlords.

What constitutes a "Service call emergency"?

The definition of a service call emergency varies from one property to another, based on the needs of that property and tenant. In order to help our tenants, we provide a set of guidelines for these potential service calls. In the event an issue is not on the “emergency list”, service calls will be handled on the next business day. 

You’ll experience attentive and friendly services when contacting DeBlase Representatives.